[SIGCIS-Members] How the computer changed the office

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo bbatiz64 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 02:38:27 PDT 2013

It is unlikely that colleagues from outside the UK picked up on a recent series in Radio 4, conducted by long time FT collumnist Lucy Kellaway. The series deals with the rise of the manager and office working in general (named "History of Office Life"). This is an item that accompanies the series (published in BBC Magazine):


Business historian Alan McKenley (Newcastle) has advised and contributed to the series' 15 min capsules.  However,  BBC Magazine runs fortnight articles based on the transcripts of the series. So  if you search for Lucy Kellaway in the BBC website:


they come up. This is the one relating on the impact of computers in the office (with accompanying pictures of the LEO and Alan Turing):


This one is the podcast on the paperless office (9/10)


(the BBC Magazine item for this one is not yet up)

Hope its of interest,

(Bangor University, Wales)
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