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SIGGRAPH did some work for their 25th anniversary.

“siggraph computer history” is a useful search term

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> Chapter 3, "Getting the Picture: The Growth of Interactive Computer Graphics"
> in Norberg and O'Neill's book on the influence of ARPA on computer science,
> has a history of computer graphics, focusing particularly on Ivan Sutherland,
> who developed SketchPad at MIT, and the ARPA sponsorship of the University of
> Utah, which became the center for the development of computer graphics in the
> 1960s and 1970s. Ed Catmull of Pixar was one of Sutherland's students at Utah,
> and his work is detailed on pages 140-143.
> Norberg, Arthur, and Judy E. O’neill. Transforming Computer Technology :
> Information Processing for the Pentagon, 1962-1986. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins
> University Press, 1996.

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