[SIGCIS-Members] CGI history - clarification

Al Kossow kossow at computerhistory.org
Fri May 11 07:39:04 PDT 2012

It is a shame that Carl Manchover never wrote a book on the history of
computer graphics. His papers at CBI would be of use to you.
The topic of ³Computer Graphics² is VERY big, and goes back to the first
computers using Williams/Kilburn tubes. By ³Computer Generated
Imagery² do you mean synthetic images created for display on a
raster-scanned monitor?

On 5/11/12 7:23 AM, "Marguerite B Avery" <mavery at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> Hi,
> Peter Meyers kindly pointed out that CGI could be any number of things, so I
> will clarify: I¹m looking for Computer Graphics / Computer Generated Imagery.
> Specifically, I¹m hoping to find some people who know this history from its
> inception; or some very interested fans who might be willing to read portions
> of a manuscript on the subject. 

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