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Hello SIGCIS members,

Note that the deadline for the call below has been extended, so if you were
planning to submit something and didn't get around to it then it is not too
late. The focus on the history of information science rather than the
history of computing. However there are some significant areas of crossover
between the two areas, and a number of historians have found jobs in
information schools in recent years.


Pre-Conference on the History of ASIST and Information Science and
Technology Worldwide

Call for Papers (Revised 1/27/2012) 

The 75th Anniversary Task Force of the American Society for Information
Science and Technology (ASIST) announces a call for papers for the 2012
Pre-Conference on the history of ASIST and the history of information
science and technology worldwide. The Pre-Conference will be held
immediately prior to the 2012 Annual Meeting of ASIST, Oct. 26-31, 2012, in
Baltimore, Maryland. 

This conference will explore the 75 year history of ASIST and the longer
history of information science and technology worldwide. Abstracts of papers
(maximum 1,000 words) not previously published or submitted elsewhere should
be submitted by March  19, 2012 and authors of tentatively accepted papers
will be promptly notified. Full acceptance of papers will be based on
receipt of the complete paper, which should be received no later than June
1, 2012. Alternative presentations, such as videos, posters, exhibits, and
demonstration of historical information technologies, are also encouraged.
All submissions will be refereed by a panel of experts and all accepted
papers will be published as a Web-based publication prior to the conference.
Submissions by students and authors outside the U.S. are particularly

Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

--The development of the foundational ideas and theories of information
science and its earlier name, documentation. 

--What forces contributed to shaping the research agenda and scope of the
field of information science worldwide over the past 75 years and how will
they evolve over the next 75 years.

--The major researchers and developers of the ideas, practices, and theories
in information science and closely related fields of study.  

--The evolution of the multifaceted and multiple-named field referred to as
information science with a focus on what the past says about the future of
information science research and development. 

--Treatment of the origin and evolution of information science ideas and
practices specific to an individual country. 

--The historical contexts of major technological innovations and the impacts
they have had on societies, organizations, governments, or individuals

--The development of ASIST (and its predecessors, the American Documentation
Institute, the American Society for Information Science) as a professional
organization and scholarly society in context with its times, relationships
with competing or affiliated organizations, major contributions and
influences on the study of information science worldwide, forces shaping the
research agenda and scope of the field, roles and contributions of specific
individuals or groups within and outside of ASIST, and related issues. 

--The role of government (nationally or internationally) in influencing the
development of information science and technology, with particular attention
to the support of research and development of information policies. 

-- The development of information science education and its relationships
with other fields of study, such as Library Science, Informatics, Archival
Science, Museum Studies, and related specializations (such as information
ethics, information architecture, geographic information systems or medical

For more information and questions about this call for papers contact Robert
V. Williams at bobwill at sc.edu or call 803-777-2324. 

Submit abstract (maximum of 1,000 words) electronically to the following
site, completing the required contact information:



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