[SIGCIS-Members] Washington Post retracts email story & Ombudsman column

James Sumner james.sumner at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Mar 2 00:45:15 PST 2012

Excellent news indeed, and Tom's point about the opportunity to do some 
*positive* work is well taken.

As a Brit, I found this para particularly fascinating:

'I also said “I think Kolawole did her due diligence for the story.” No, 
I don’t think she did, and nor did I. This has been a great learning 
experience for Kolawole, and she has been diligent in trying to repair 
her mistakes since it happened. She is young, is carrying a lot of 
responsibility for someone her age, and one of her direct supervisors 
recently left The Post, but she is not making excuses to me. I’m not 
making any either. I just didn’t do my homework.'

I can't imagine any large-circulation media source over here even 
approaching that level of transparency.


On 01/03/2012 22:46, Thomas Haigh wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Good news from the email battle. The Washington Post's Ombudsman has posted
> a lengthy and detailed retraction of his previous column.
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/omblog/post/origins-of-e-mail-my-mea-cul
> pa/2012/03/01/gIQAiOD5kR_blog.html
> This will also make my life easier, as I no longer have to try to present
> the actual history of email, correct the Post's errors in the original story
> and Ombusman blog, and debunk Ayyadurai all in one article. We can shift the
> focus to the real history, which is ultimately more productive.
> Best wishes,
> Tom
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