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Dear SIGCIS Friends,

As we ponder the computer industry, in which ‘there is no rear-view mirror,’ now is the perfect time to look to the past for perspective, insight and inspiration by helping the Computer History Museum nominate its 2012 Fellows.

What is a CHM Fellow?

CHM Fellows have changed the world with their accomplishments.

They may have worked in such diverse fields as hardware, software, networking, computer science, business, education, public service, or journalism, but they have one thing in common: their contributions have had a direct influence on computing and culture, changing our lives in profound ways. 

The tradition began with the Museum’s first Fellow, early computing pioneer Grace Murray Hopper, and has grown to a distinguished and select group: http://www.computerhistory.org/fellowawards/hall/

Fellows are nominated by the Museum’s community (of which we hope SIGCIS members feel a part!) and are selected by a committee composed of Museum staff, historians, industry leaders, and other CHM Fellows. 

Futurist Paul Saffo once told me: “The computer industry suffers from ‘prostalgia:’ the longing for things that aren’t invented yet.” 

CHM Fellows, celebrated at an annual spring gala event, is our way of taking a breath, thinking historically about technological change and honoring the people who effected that change.

For complete info, including the simple one-page nomination form, please visit: http://www.computerhistory.org/fellowawards/nominations/

Nominations close September 10.

Thank you for supporting CHM and computer history.  We hope to hear from you!


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