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Thomas J. Misa tmisa at umn.edu
Thu Dec 1 13:47:28 PST 2011

Dear colleagues,

Jeff Yost's _The IBM Century: Creating the IT Revolution_ is now published by the IEEE Computer Society Press and available on Amazon:

This book satisfies the need for an historical appraisal of IBM's centennial (not quite delivered with the celebratory in-house volume released this summer).  Jeff went through Every Single volume of ANNALS and uncovered ten gems in the biographical/memoir area.  Even if you've read every issue of ANNALS since 1981, you still need to get this volume to see Jeff's additional "added value" items:

a masterful 36-page introduction, "IBM's 100 years of leadership in information technology," that presents an insightful overview of IBM history since 1911, contextualizing the memoirs and including all the principal topics in IBM history through to the recent shift to services;
a detailed and definitive IBM timeline from 1886 to 2010;
a 30-page annotated bibliography examining more than 170 secondary and primary sources on IBM history, including books, articles, serials, archival collections, and oral histories.

Best, Tom Misa
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