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Dag Spicer spicer at computerhistory.org
Thu Sep 16 11:21:42 PDT 2010

Dear SIGCIS members,

In case you haven¹t heard, I wanted to let you all know about our upcoming
major new exhibit on the history of computing, opening January 11, 2001 (the
40th anniversary of the term ³Silicon Valley.²)

Called R|Evolution, the exhibit is over 25,000 sq ft and covers computer
history ³from the abacus to the iPod,² drawing on the Museum¹s immense
collection of historical objects and photo and document archives.  The
exhibit is part of a $17 million renovation which will transform the
Computer History Museum into a world-class destination.  The exhibit
features hundreds of videos with original commentary by computer pioneers
(from our oral history collection), compelling graphics, and multimedia.
And, of course, the exhibit, supplemented with even more, searchable,
historical content, will be online as well.

Learn more here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAzxuPmqmNQ

I hope you will all have a chance to visit us!

Best regards,


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