[SIGCIS-Members] software history/historiography?

Alberts, Gerard G.Alberts at uva.nl
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Dear Julie,
in fact we are working hard on history of software in Europe in a project called Software for Europe. Given the opportunity I cannot resist flagging our workshop History of Software, European Styles, next month in Leiden.
To my estimate the books Software issues (edited by Ulf Hashagen e.a. , Springer, 2002) and Martin Campbell-Kelly's From airline reserverations to sonic the hedgehog (MIT, 2003) raised the field of history of software to a new level. What we are doing in "Software for Europe" is on the one hand an effort to firmly embed the history of software in the history of technology and European history; and on the other hand it comprises a return to the sources on early software in the 1950s. In the latter we draw on work by Michael Mahoney and are inspired by our colleagues Nathan Ensmenger and Thomas Haigh.
Gerard Alberts
Program in the History of Computing


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Hello fellow sigcis'ers,

I currently work on a speech for the Danish Society for the History of
Technology. My working title is 'Software - the historical study of an
immaterial technology', and I attempt to a) give an introduction to
the field, software history, and b) discuss the challenges of working
with software history.

I know of this very comprehensive bibliography of software history
(http://www.cbi.umn.edu/research/shbib.pdf - thanks to those who made
it!!) and I think that I have an overall good overview of the
litterature on the subject.

Nervetheless, I figure that some of you might have a favourite
article, a must-read suggestion or have just worked with the matter of
software history and historiographical challenges? If this is the
case, please, do not hesitate to send me suggestions for further
reading, - I prefer a suggestion that I might already have thought of,
than no suggestion at all!

Thank you very much, have a joyfull Monday

The best regards

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