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We’re almost ready to put our 2010 workshop program up on the website.
Thanks to all who submitted, and apologies to those we had to turn away.
(Oct 3, held on the Sunday of the SHOT conference in Tacoma, Washington. See
www.sigcis.org/workshop10.) Also thanks to Jeff Tang whose done most of the
work so far. He’s on holiday with his family this week, so I’m putting out
this call myself to minimize the amount of time he spends slumped over his


We need volunteers for chairs and commentators. If we receive a surplus of
interest we’ll prioritize offers from people not already presenting at the
workshop. I’m summarizing our needs below – you can volunteer in general or
for specific panels. We need a total of about six people.


Here’s what we need you for:


 “Place and Space” (a traditional panel of individually submitted paper
addressing the workshop theme of Materiality and Immateriality). We need a
chair and a commentator.


•                      The Material History of Digital Electronics: The
Development of Silicon Manufacturing Technology at Fairchild Semiconductor
(Brock & Lecuyer)

•                      “The World Looks to Britain”: Technology Transfer,
Heterogeneous  Engineering, and British Computing Companies’ Attempt to
Capture the Indian Market, 1955-1965 (Hicks)

•                      Wat' Forever: Computing Education at the University
of Waterloo (Campbell)

•                      Materiality, modernity and space: The British banks
and their computer centres, 1961–1963 (Martin)


 “Teaching & Showing” (a traditional panel of individually submitted paper
addressing the workshop theme of Materiality and Immateriality). We need a
chair and a commentator.


•                      The PLATO Computer-Based Education System: Teacher's
Tool or Teacher? (MacDonald)

•                      Car Navigation Systems – A History of Associative
Clusters (Thielmann)

•                      A Material History of Bits (Blanchette)

•                      Museums and the Material Culture of Video Games


Dissertations in progress session. This will be based on precirculated
dissertation proposals with very brief introductions. We need a chair and a
commentator. It’s possible that the roles could be combined, so that the job
will be to give brief comments and then steer subsequent discussion to
maximize its usefulness to the dissertators.


•                      The Akademgorodok Computing Center (1958-1990)
(Tatachenko, Princeton)

•                      Digital Equipment's Rise and Fall, Could it Have Been
Avoided? (Godwin, Birkbeck College London)

•                      A History and Ethnography of the Cocoa Software
Community (Hsu, Cornell)

•                      Connecting Minds in a Multimedia Episteme:  The
Academic Supercomputer Centers and the Construction an Advanced Cognitive
Infrastructure for the U.S. Research Community: 1983-1993 (Walsh, UCSD)


Works in progress session, again with precirculated papers.


•                      On-line distribution of working papers through NEP: A
Brief Business History (Batiz-Lazo, University of Leicester)

•                      Making Computers Logical: Edmund Berkeley’s promotion
of logical machines (Sugimoto, Kyoto University)

•                      Investing in interactive skills – a reinterpretation
of the Swedish internet boom and bust, 1994–2004 (Sjöblom, Chalmers
University of Technology )

•                      Meta Filter: Coming to Agreement with Interactive
Computer Technology (Irish, UIUC)


Let me know today or tomorrow if you are interested. (To further whet your
appetite, in addition to the above we have Paul Edwards as keynote, and two
roundtables on computers in science fiction and teaching the history of
computing). Details on the main SHOT meeting are at







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