[SIGCIS-Members] Syllabus Repository -- please contribute (soon!)

Thomas Haigh thaigh at computer.org
Wed Aug 4 09:34:17 PDT 2010

Hello Everyone,


Over the summer we've been working hard to get the SIGCIS website tidied up,
including some work behind to scenes to migrate to the latest version of the
Drupal content management system. So you'll notice a slightly different look
at www.sigcis.org. 


We're also making a push to expand and update some of the content areas. As
well as getting the Member Contributions area up and running this includes
spring cleaning the Syllabus Repository: http://www.sigcis.org/syllabi. This
is intended as a central resource for classes dealing with all aspects of
the history of computing.


One priority is to make this a true repository, not just a page of links. As
you're well aware, links can decay very rapidly. This is particularly true
for syllabi. In addition an ever greater proportion of syllabi are hidden
inside course management systems and so nobody can see them in the first
place. We've already fixed some broken links, and are working with the
creators of some of the currently listed syllabi to move from just linking
to them to holding a local copy. This work is still in progress, so look for
more improvements soon at. If you previously sent material to Joe November
but have not heard from us in the last month (and do not see it posted) then
please accept my apologies and send it again as explained below.


We're now ready to put out a call for new and better syllabi. Please send
them to my Ph.D. student assistant, Edward Benoit  at eabenoit at gmail.com. Ed
can work with you to get them into shape and he will handle the uploading.
However please send them in the next week or two, as Ed's research
assistanceship will be finishing at the end of this month.




.         We prefer to receive syllabi as a single attached .PDF or MS Word
file as they will be posted as one document. Include as much detail as you
feel comfortable sharing - discussion questions, readings, notes, etc are
all welcome as well as a simple list of dates and topics. However if
necessary Ed can handle the job of consolidating several files down into a
single syllabus.


.         If the syllabus is currently available online please include a URL
as well as the attached archival version.


.         Please include in the email an explicit permission to us to post
the syllabus online at www.sigcis.org. We will accept this in good faith,
but of course will comply with the relevant provisions of the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act if contacted by an institution claiming to hold
copyright over your syllabus and asking us to remove it.


.         If you are not willing to have us host the syllabus at
www.sigcis.org we would still be happy to link to it instead. But as
mentioned above, our experience is that links are much less useful.


Best wishes,


Tom Haigh


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