[SIGCIS-Members] Searchable IT Archival and Historical Database

Jeffery Stein jeffery at ithistory.org
Tue Apr 13 09:36:42 PDT 2010

IT History Society 
April 13, 2010  
   The Board of Directors of the IT History Society is pleased to
   introduce to you and the information technology community its latest
   addition to the IT History Society website.
   With the many contributions from IT History Society members, the IT
   historical community at large, and partnering with the Internet
   Archive <http://www.internetarchive.org/> , and Archive-IT
   <http://www.archive-it.org/> , we are pleased to introduce to you a
   unique searchable database of 233 international information
   technology historical and archival collections.  This searchable
   database today is comprised of 2,433,522 documents which uses 195.16
   gigabytes of storage.  Every 30 days, each one of the 233 sites is
   crawled and text indexed to include changes and additions that have
   occurred at each collection, including new sites that have been added
   to the database.  Currently, 23 sites are blocked from our crawl and
   we are taking steps to contact each webmaster to have the sites
   The listing of all 233 sites that have information technology
   historical significance are located at
   http://ithistory.org/resource_sites/resource-sites.php  Try a few
   searches out and see the great results that can occur in a few
   seconds.  Yes, one can do these types of searches on Google. etc.,
   but here there is NO clutter, it is all about information technology
   search results.
   If you know of a site that might be included in the database, please
   submit your suggestion at
   http://ithistory.org/resource_sites/resource-form.php  We do hope you
   find value with the IT historical database.  This database will be a
   continual ongoing work in process.  If you have any comments,
   suggestions, or want to note any corrections, please contact us at
   info at ithistory.org
   This eight month effort was not possible without the contributions
   and assistance of many.
   If you know of an information technology associate or colleague that
   may want to become a member of the Society, please refer them to
   http://ithistory.org/membership/member-form.php for a membership
   application.  The IT History Society, in addition to individual
   members, looking for new institutional and corporate members.  Please
   refer them to the same application form.  Please remember that at
   this time, there is no cost to join.
   Thank you.
   Best regards,

   Jeffery D. Stein

   (415) 435-7464 Tel
   (415) 435-6115 Fax

IT History Society
One Blackfield Drive
Suite 331
Tiburon, CA 94920


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