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Dear Jim,
here (below) is the reference to the 2 volume bibliography by the Dutch "Studiecentrum" I showed you before. It virtually coincided with the center's library, which has since been lost. Still this institute was very active in collecting literature in all languages and may well have been among the better informed in Europe.
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International computer bibliography : a guide to books on the use, application and effect of computers in scientific, commercial, industrial and social environments
/ [vol. 2.] ed. [by] H. J. van der Aa

Place of publ., Publisher, Publication year: Amsterdam, Nederlands Studiecentrum voor Informatica, 1968-1971


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Has anyone published, or put together, a substantial bibliography of books and articles concerning ICT in Europe? I am having difficulty assembling a good bibliographic list for my own work. The British story seems to have made it into many bibliographies, but publications from the Continent are more difficult to find on lists. 

Second, a question for our European colleagues: What are some good online bookdealers to go to for old and new books related to the history of ICT? I would especially like to know of those that carry books from multiple European countries.


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