[SIGCIS-Members] 17th-19th c. exhibitions of computers

Bernard Geoghegan b-geoghegan at northwestern.edu
Tue Mar 18 17:54:16 PDT 2008

Hi SIGCIS members,
     I'm doing some research on the 20th century exhibition of  
computers, particularly in the form of automata and televised  
calculating machines.  I'd like to look for some historical  
precedents, though.  Does anyone know of any works discussing the  
exhibition of calculating machines from the 17th through the 19th  
century?  For example, in the 19th century calculating machines were  
sent to at least one World's Fair, and in in the 18th c. von  
Kempelen's chess playing Turk inspired popular speculations and  
exciting about thinking machines, etc.
     Thanks for your help.

Bernard Geoghegan
Doctoral Candidate, Program in Screen Cultures, Northwestern University
Institute Visitor, Program in Science, Technology and Society,  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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