[SIGCIS-Members] Event: Vintage Computer Festival East 5.0

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Aug 28 20:42:25 PDT 2008

...Just wanted to invite everyone to an upcoming event at my museum (the
InfoAge Science Center, located on the NJ shore in Wall Township)...
It's the Vintage Computer Festival East 5.0, Sept. 13-14.  The VCF first
existed in Silicon Valley back in 1997 and then expanded to other regions.
VCF is a ** celebration ** of computers from the 1940s - 1980s.  Imagine a
car show .... and the imagine that every owner lets you drive his car!
That's what the VCF is all about, seeing the computers up and running again.
We also have special events.  This year's are a replica creation workshop,
where you can build a replica of the Apple 1 or the KIM under kit creator
Vince Briel's guidance, and we'll have a ceremony and tours for the "beta"
opening of our computer museum.  (We've been in "alpha" for the past two
Sign up for Vince's workshop at
We'll also have some cool guest speakers.  Most notably, on Sunday, we have
Bill Mauchly.  Bill is the son of ENIAC co-inventor John Mauchly.  We also
have a lesser-known engineer named Watts Humphrey, who wrote the proposal
for the military's "MOBIDIC" computer in the 1950s; it was an early example
of client-server architecture.  And we've got Claude Kagan, who spent 30
years at Western Electric and Bell Labs and who worked to get our museum a
first-generation DEC PDP-8 minicomputer.
Tickets for one day are $10, both days combined are $15, and anyone younger
than 18 is free.  Parking's free too.
- Evan
PS - Just as I spoke at SHOT last year about the hobbyist side of computer
history, it would be beneficial to have someone from this list speak to our
hobbyist audience about academic side of computer history -- how we
hobbyists can help, and how we can learn too.  Tom isn't able to make it
that weekend.  Unfortunately my other choice was Michael Mahoney.  :(  Is
anyone else here interested in talking at our event?
- Evan
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