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Fred Turner fturner at stanford.edu
Mon Aug 25 18:16:38 PDT 2008

Hi All --

         SIGCIS members aiming to broaden their audience a bit and 
especially those housed in Communication departments will be glad to 
know that a group of folks have recently formed a
Communication History Interest Group within the International 
Communication Association. According to its charter, the group aims 
to bring together folks around the following:

a) The history of communication, including media history

b) The history of the idea of communication

c) The History of research into media and communication

         My own experience has been that the group has been quite 
catholic in its interests and very open to the history of technology 
and technoculture more broadly. To date, its panels have been among 
the best at ICA. For those who want to follow up, the group keeps a 
and a listserv at 

-- Fred Turner


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