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STEPHEN KAISLER skaisler1 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 6 04:57:48 PDT 2023

I have seen several members announce books that they have published, so I decided to announce mine as well.
I have published nine (9) books in my Historical Computing Machines Series so far:
- Birthing the Computer: From Relays to Vacuum Tubes
- Birthing the Computer: From Drums to cores
- First Generation Mainframes: The IBM 700 series
- Second Generation Mainframes: The IBM 7000 Series
- Mainframe Computer Systems: The General Electric Corporation
- The Univac Corporation: In From the Beginning
- The Burroughs Corporation and Its Innovative Architecture
- Control Data Corporation: Early Computer Systems
- Control Data Corporation: The Supercomputer Era
In process are two volumes on English Computer Systems (sans ICL, a later book)
These can be seen at Cambridge Scholars Publishing website:
and ordered through that website.
Steve Kaisler
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