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Thomas Misa tmisa at umn.edu
Fri May 5 15:23:58 PDT 2023

Kim writes: "These are all in addition to the technical issues . . . such
as performance issues, reliability issues, and misrepresentation by the
vendor of the systems capabilities . . . .  // I don't know of a great book
or even article that describes this ..."

Perhaps have a look at retired IBM-er Robert Britcher's *Limits of Software*
(1999) and esp. his chapter 16 "The System to End All" which describes the
stupendously expensive FAA Advanced Automation System (1981--94).

"At $3.7 B, the AAS was one of the largest civilian computer contracts ever
let . . . It was the largest single contract in IBM's history.  At its
peak, the project employed more than 2000 people--about $1 million a day"
(p. 171)

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