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A big celebration is taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday and
Friday of this week to celebrate the computer graphics techniques invented
by a group of PhD students and others who studied at the Univ. of Utah from
the late 60s to the late 70s.  An IEEE Milestone
be dedicated on Friday morning, and that will be the big event of this
2-day celebration.  The title and citation of the bronze plaque that will
be unveiled sums up what will be celebrated:

*Development of Computer Graphics and Visualization Techniques, 1965-1978**In
1965, the University of Utah established a Center of Excellence for
computer graphics research with Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)
funding. In 1968, two professors founded the pioneering graphics hardware
company Evans & Sutherland; by 1978, fundamental rendering and
visualization techniques disclosed in doctoral dissertations included the
Warnock algorithm, Gouraud shading, the Catmull-Rom spline, and the
Blinn-Phong reflection model. Alumni-founded companies include Atari,
Silicon Graphics, Adobe, Pixar, and Netscape.*

*Overall details of the events:*
*An overview of the people being celebrated:*

*Live Stream Links (and for later viewing)*Thursday, 23 March: *Univ. of
Utah CS Dept. 50th Anniv. Celebration* (9am-4pm PDT / 10am-5pm MDT
/ 16:00-23:00 UTC):
 (concludes with keynote by Ivan Sutherland at 3pm PDT / 4pm MDT / 22:00
Friday, 24 March: *IEEE Milestone Dedication Event* (9-11am PDT / 10am-Noon
MDT / 16:00-18:00 UTC):
Friday, 24 March: *Graphics Symposium* (12:45-4pm PDT / 1:45-5pm MDT /
19:45-23:00 UTC):

See attached for the program for Friday's events.

*The Remarkable Ivan Sutherland*
The Computer History Museum recently set up a website to celebrate Ivan
Sutherland, who will participate in this week's events:
Ivan's PhD thesis on Sketchpad <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sketchpad> was
required reading for those early Utah students:
and note that his Acknowledgements include his thesis supervisor Claude
Shannon, and that he was assisted by Marvin Minsky, Steven Coons, and Larry

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