[SIGCIS-Members] Call for nominations for the new HaPoC Council

Liesbeth De Mol liesbeth.de-mol at univ-lille.fr
Tue Jul 25 02:59:04 PDT 2023

Dear all,

please find below the call for nominations to the HAPOC council,

with best wishes,

As every two years, the Commission for the History and Philosophy of 
Computing, HaPoC, announces its call for nominations for the new 
Council, to be elected during the next HaPoC Conference in Warsaw on 
October 18-20.

HaPoC’s Council consists of 10 councilors, among which are voted a new 
president-elect and a treasurer.

Nominations should be addressed to the Commission’s president at 
info at hapoc.org before August 18.

Following HaPoC’s bylaws, the election procedure shall be as follows:

(a) Any member of the commission can be nominated as a councilor. 
Nominations can be submitted by any member of the commission and shall 
be submitted to the president in writing. Nominations have to be 
received at least two months before the meeting of the commission. The 
president shall contact the nominee and find out whether he or she 
accepts the nomination. Acceptance is necessary for the nomination to 
become valid.

(b) If there are ten or fewer valid nominations, the president informs 
the council and the nominees are declared elected unopposed. If there 
are more than ten nominations, the president shall notify the council of 
this and an election will take place during the meeting of the 
commission. The election will take place by approval voting: each 
present member can approve as many of the nominees as they want. The ten 
nominees with the highest number of approval votes are elected. In the 
case of ties, a lot is cast.

(c) After the ten councilors are elected, they shall all declare whether 
they would accept an election for president-elect, treasurer, or 
president if the situation so requires. The members of the council then 
elect the president-elect, treasurer, and president if the situation so 
requires by approval vote. In the case of a tie, a lot is cast.

Any further questions concerning the election of HaPoC’s Council should 
be addressed at info at hapoc.org

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