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Katrin Tiidenberg kkatot at tlu.ee
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Hi Jacob,

sounds fascinating. Winnie Soon and Sarah Schorr had a piece called
"Screenshooting Life Online: Two Artworks" in "Metaphors of Internet"
that Annette Markham and I edited in 2020. And I know Winnie Soon has
written more on it (https://tcjournal.org/vol8/soon/) and Magda Tyzlik
Carver has curated an exhibition called "ScreenShots: Desire and
Automated Image"  in 2019.

Katrin Tiidenberg

Kontakt Friedrich Tietjen via Members (<members at lists.sigcis.org>)
kirjutas kuupäeval E, 6. veebruar 2023 kell 21:52:
>    Hi Jacob,
> I recently contributed two short texts (on photographs of TV-screens -
> so not exactly your subject, rather its pre-history) to Winfried
> Gerling, Sebastian Möring and Marco de Mutiis's book "Screen Images.
> In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast" which will be published
> these days
> (https://www.kulturverlag-kadmos.de/programm/details/screen_images),
> and it probably is worth getting in touch with them as they have been
> doing research on the subject for much longer than me. Also I'd like
> to point your attention to the annual conference After
> Post-Photography (after-post.photography), and my co-organizers and I
> would be more than happy to have a paper from you. Drop me a line if I
> should add you to our mailing list (which rarely generates more than
> two or three mails/year - the CfP and the program of the conference);
> and should those pics of TV-screens be of any use for you I'm happy to
> share what I have.
>    Cheers
>    Friedrich
> Quoting Jacob Gaboury via Members <members at lists.sigcis.org>:
> > Hi All! SIGCIS has been so instrumental to my work over the past decade
> > that I wanted to begin a new project by reaching out to the list for
> > thoughts and feedback on resources related to this topic.
> >
> > In short I am writing a history of screenshots, based loosely on a series
> > of short articles <https://www.fotomuseum.ch/en/series/screens-shot/> I
> > wrote a few years ago. I'm interested in how we have historically
> > remediated computing as visual output, that is, how we got pictures off our
> > screens and into the world. This jumps off from some of my earlier work in
> > Chapter 2 of *Image Objects*
> > <https://mitpress.mit.edu/9780262045032/image-objects/> on screen
> > photography from the 1940s-1970s, but also moves into the development of
> > WYSIWYG systems for print output at PARC in the 1970s, the use of CRT
> > cameras for advertising and documentation
> > <https://www.ebay.com/itm/275154558746> in the 1980s, and even more
> > "vernacular" practices of screen documentation, such as children
> > photographing video game high scores and taking screen selfies on beating a
> > game. I also plan to approach contemporary screenshot cultures, such as the
> > use of screenshots as "receipts" in texting and social media as well
> > as screenshot
> > practices in meme cultures <https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/deep-fried-memes>.
> > The goal is to understand how we have arrived at a moment when so many of
> > us are taking dozens, even hundreds of screenshots every week, and
> > screenshots have become a kind of evidentiary object for cultures of use
> > and individual actions taken via a computer.
> >
> > I'm on sabbatical this year planning archive trips, and would love any
> > insight the list might have on where to look. I will be at the Computer
> > History Museum to look at materials on the Alto and Apple Lisa, but would
> > also love to hear from anyone that had experience with screen photography
> > during their careers, or with thoughts on any objects, sites, or
> > individuals I might look into or include.
> >
> > Happy to hear from any and everyone with thoughts! Feel free and reach out
> > to me directly at: gaboury at berkeley.edu, and thank you!
> >
> > _Jacob
> >
> > --
> > Jacob Gaboury (he/him)
> > Associate Professor of New Media History and Theory
> > Dept. of Film & Media, University of California at Berkeley
> > jacobgaboury.com/ <http://www.jacobgaboury.com/>
> >
> > *Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics* (MIT Press, 2021)
> > Winner of the 2022 Computer History Museum Prize
> > https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/image-objects
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