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Hello Brian

Thanks for highlighting this

Just occurred tome that if anyone wants to see / hear Vint's presentation from January, they can visit https://archivesit.org.uk/video-of-vint-cerf-seminar/
Video of Vint Cerf Seminar - Archives of IT<https://archivesit.org.uk/video-of-vint-cerf-seminar/>
If you missed it see it here! Vint Cerf addressed “Internet – the Early Days” in an online seminar to over 300 attendees on January 6. He focused on the UK contribution to early work and answered questions in a 50 minute session, covering technical challenges and decision points as well as the social issues.



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The British Computer Society has just published an online article "History of the Internet" by Richard Sharpe. It starts:

" Richard Sharpe, from the Archives of IT, explores the internet’s history and finds that, though being a very international entity today, the global network of networks has its early roots planted firmly in UK soil.

You may have thought that the development of the internet was a purely US affair. You’d be wrong. Before we go too far, let’s clarify our terms. The UK’s Tim Berners-Lee devised the overwhelmingly popular application of the internet, the World Wide Web. But, not the internet itself – the network upon which the World Wide Web runs.

No less an authority than Vint Cerf, co-author of TCP/IP and co-founder of the institutions that administer the internet, says you’d be wrong too. Cerf addressed an online seminar run by Archives of IT and BCS for over 300 attendees on 6 January 2022 and focused on the UK contribution to early work. The contribution of people in the UK was ‘absolutely essential’ to the development of the internet, Cerf says. UK con-tributions from the UK were ‘extremely important’ to its development.

Many of the Archives’ 200 interviews and 30,000 pages of publications support Cerf’s assertion, with details of work done by British engineers and articles charting the growth of its use. The Archives show that the UK contributed the first implementation of a packet-switched network, the basis of TCP/IP; the first implementation in the world of TCP/IP; and the first international node of the internet outside the USA."

Full text at:  https://www.bcs.org/articles-opinion-and-research/history-of-the-internet


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