[SIGCIS-Members] Anyone for dinner at SHOT tomorrow (Saturday)?

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Fri Nov 11 13:49:43 PST 2022



For those of you attending the SHOT/SIGCIS events in New Orleans currently,
I was wondering if anyone would like to get together for an informal dinner
tomorrow (Saturday night).


In days of yore when I first took over as SIGCIS chair I would always put
out a call for historians of computing who were interested in going out for
a dinner on one of the nights. Particularly helpful for first timers, and
others who wanted a space to chat outside the formal events. Then once we
started up the Sunday workshops that shifted to a dinner after the workshop
sessions for those staying overnight.


Today there is so much more computing related material at SHOT that somebody
looking for people with shared interests is likely to have trouble finding
people to talk to via the usual process of mingling. Still, looking at the
program I see that there is no official banquet, just an "Awards and
fellowships reception" from 5:30 to 6:30 (followed by awards presentations
and a speech by Donald MacKenzie until 7:45).


So I though to review the custom of an open dinner invitation in an entirely
non-official capacity. If you want to join a small group for dinner and
maybe a walk around town, just reply to this email by the end of the day and
let me know if you'd prefer to meet at 6:30 or at 7:45. Also any specific
dietary requirements. If there are more than a couple of people interested I
will see about making a reservation tomorrow morning.


For those of you not here in person: this is a great conference and it is so
good to be back after two years of cancelled SHOT meetings. I hope you can
join us another year.


Best wishes,









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