[SIGCIS-Members] Reminder: 2022 ACM FAccT deadlines this Friday February 18, 2022: Call for Tutorials, Community Keynotes, CRAFT, Doctoral Colloquium

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Tue Feb 15 14:20:04 PST 2022

Dear all,

this is a reminder that the submission deadline for several calls at the
2022 ACM FAccT (Fairness, Accountability and Transparency) conference is
fast approaching. The submission deadline for all of these calls is on
Friday, February 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth).
This includes
1. the call for Tutorial proposals
2. the call for Community Keynote proposals
3. the call for CRAFT (Critiquing and Rethinking Accountability,
Fairness and Transparency) proposals
4. the call for submissions to the Doctoral Colloquium.

We also have a call for applications for DEI (Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion) scholars. The deadline for this call is March 18, 2022 at
11:59 PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth).

The 2022 ACM FAccT (Fairness, Accountability and Transparency)
conference will be held both in-person and online. The in-person
conference will take place in Seoul, South Korea on June 21-24, 2022.
The online conference--including both live-streamed elements of the
in-person conference, and online-only content--will also begin on June
21, with content and discussion available for two weeks from that date,
and a library of content available subsequently.

1. Call for Tutorials

Call: https://facctconference.org/2022/cft.html
Deadline: February 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth)

Tutorials should address practical, technical, policy, regulatory,
ethical, or societal issues related to FAccT for a broad audience. We
are soliciting three types of tutorials for 2022: dialogue/translation
tutorials, implications tutorials, and practice tutorials. We will give
presenters either 45 or 90 minutes to present their tutorial.
The tutorials track is curated: the Tutorial Chairs will select from the
pool of proposals with the aim of ensuring broad coverage of disciplines
and topics. We welcome perspectives from a variety of disciplines,
including computer science, economics, law, philosophy, political
science, communication, sociology, education, and social work. A goal of
the tutorials track is that the diversity of perspectives represents the
diversity of the populations impacted by this technology throughout the

Note: ACM FAccT also solicits proposals on CRAFT (Critiquing and
Rethinking Accountability Fairness and Transparency). Some proposals we
receive under the CRAFT Call may be more appropriate as proposals for
Tutorials, and vice-versa. In such cases, the Tutorial and CRAFT
Co-Chairs may transfer such proposals to the other track, in
consultation with proposal coordinator(s).

If you have questions, contact tutorials at facctconference.org

2. Call for Community Keynotes

Call: https://facctconference.org/2022/cfkeynotes.html
Deadline: February 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth)

Do you have research or have you come across research that should have
wider reach because of its importance to the daily lives of people and
communities? Are you impressed with high-quality narrative and explainer
videos or short documentaries that millions of people online find
compelling and share with their communities? Here is your chance to
receive funding of up to $5,000 USD and mentorship to support producing
your own 15 to 45 minute video exploring a topic relevant to the FAccT
community. Your video will be presented as a "Community Keynote" at the
ACM FAccT 2022 Hybrid conference. We expect to fund 2-3 keynotes.

Building on the successes of the 2021 ACM FAccT conference, the 2022
Chairs are issuing a call for applications to support innovative and
highly-produced video content on any topic in the broad area of
fairness, accountability and transparency in sociotechnical systems.
This call is open to teams from all corners of the FAccT community and
beyond. Community Keynote videos can be short documentary films,
animated explainers, or video explainers paired with interviews with
notable researchers, creators, activists, or community members.

Eligibility: Anyone can apply--individuals or teams.

Assessment criteria: The selection panel will be looking for potential
to pair an innovative and visually interesting aesthetic with relevant
substantive content. High production values are not required for the
application video. It is more important that your video contain the
information we are requesting above, but you may include visual samples
if you believe it will be more informative for the selection panel.

DEI focus: We are especially interested in spotlighting voices and
concerns that receive inadequate attention, and particularly welcome
submissions from members of underrepresented communities in the FAccT
area, and in particular from the global South.

If you have questions, contact general-chairs at facctconference.org

3. Call for CRAFT proposals

Call: https://facctconference.org/2022/cfcraft.html
Deadline: February 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth)

The ACM FAccT conference has predominantly focused on Fairness,
Accountability and Transparency in computing systems. This focus on
fairness, accountability and transparency has also attracted critique
and renewed attention to the limitations of achieving these goals in
computing systems without a broader consideration outside the more
traditional ML fields.

In the spirit of reflection and response, we invite academics of all
disciplines and people representing different communities of practice
(including journalism, activism, advocacy, public authorities,
education, art, spirituality, etc.) to contribute to CRAFT, a program
embedded in the ACM FAccT conference. This call invites contributions in
the form of workshops, panels and other formats to:
- Creatively address critiques of the field of fairness, accountability
and transparency--its gaps, omissions and possibilities by taking a more
holistic approach
- Highlight novel modes of interaction with questions of fairness,
accountability and transparency
- Invite an interdisciplinary and cross-practice group of organizers,
researchers, activists and artists to explore and inspire conversation
and open future lines of research, collaboration and practice
- Push beyond the epistemological and methodological boundaries of their
research and practice

In addition to contributions that explore the problem space in greater
depth and from broader perspectives, we particularly encourage proposals
that explore solution spaces, indicate mechanisms for positive change,
or open possibilities for a greater conversation around countering
automated injustices. We value proposals focused on interaction among
participants, and we will prioritize formats that allow participants to
share and explore starting assumptions, prior experiences or competing
values and to foster community building, collaborative knowledge
production and future engagement.

- Modeling and (Non-)Deployment
- Values, Assumptions and Context
- Generating Higher Order Critiques
- Emerging Problems
- New Models of Engagement
- Overlooked Disciplinary Approaches

If you have questions, contact craft at facctconference.org

4. Call for Doctoral Colloquium

Call: https://facctconference.org/2022/cfdc.html
Deadline: February 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth)

The third annual ACM FAccT Conference 2022 invites applicants for the
FAccT Doctoral Colloquium (DC). The ACM FAccT 2022 Doctoral Colloquium
is open to PhD students (or others pursuing a relevant advanced degree,
as well as recent grads of professional schools) doing research on
fairness, accountability and transparency (or related topics) in
relation to socio-technical systems. We are looking for students in
computer science, philosophy, sociology, law, psychology, or any of the
broad range of subjects contributing to this area. The Doctoral
Colloquium is a unique opportunity to engage in substantive interaction
with experienced researchers and peers regarding dissertation research
and career objectives.

Assessment criteria: Applications will be reviewed according to the
following criteria: clarity and completeness of submission package and
evidence of research progress.

If you have questions, contact dc-chairs at facctconference.org

5. Call for DEI Scholars

Call: https://facctconference.org/2022/cfs.html
Deadline: March 18, 2022 at 11:59 PM AoE (Anywhere on Earth)

ACM FAccT welcomes applications for the inaugural FAcct Diversity and
Inclusion (DEI) Scholarships. One of FAccT's Strategic Goals is to
innovate and lead on diversity and inclusion. This program seeks to
advance this goal by funding scholars to conduct research that deepens
our collective understanding of and advances DEI initiatives.
Either individuals or small teams are welcome to apply. Applicants
should describe the research that they want to conduct. The proposed
work should leverage the FAccT conference/organization, and should have
broader impacts (e.g., guidelines for practice, tutorials) and/or
intellectual merits. We welcome a diverse range of methods -
ethnographic, qualitative, quantitative, experimental, etc.

Eligibility: Anyone who is interested in conducting research to advance
the diversity and inclusion goals of the FAccT community can apply.
Depending on the scope of the project, a small team of individuals (1-4
people) can apply as well.

Funding and duration: The funding is provided as one-time payment of
funds up to $25,000. The project can last from 6 to 12 months, and an
extension can be granted depending on the project's scope.

If you have questions, contact inclusion at facctconference.org

Best wishes,

Deb Raji & Annette Zimmermann
ACM FAccT Publicity Co-Chairs
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