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Avery Dame-Griff avery.dame at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 11:29:31 PST 2022


I wanted to share a new suite of resources the Queer Digital History Project
<http://queerdigital.com/> developed for researching and teaching about
early web history. These are specifically aimed at community members and
non-specialists who might teach related topics, such as LGBTQ studies, but
aren’t sure where to start.

   - Digital Exhibits for a selected number of important figures in the
   history of queer digital communities
   <https://queerdigital.com/exhibits/show/impfigs>, LGBTQ BBSes
   and Usenet newsgroups
   - Teaching Guides on Computing and the AIDS Crisis
   <https://queerdigital.com/aidsbbs>, Indecency, Obscenity, and Queer
   Voices Online <https://queerdigital.com/cda> (including the
   Communications Decency Act), and Early LGBTQ Digital Communities
   - A glossary <https://queerdigital.com/glossary> of unfamiliar
   terminology individuals might encounter in primary source readings

Ideally, these initial offerings will grow over time as new exhibits and
teaching guides are developed, so I welcome any suggestions or feedback.

Also, the Queer Digital History Project offers public presentations, guest
lectures, and/or workshops on any of the teaching guide topics, either
in-person or via videoconferencing. Please feel free to reach out to me if
you’re interested in discussing scheduling a session, especially if you're
thinking about your classes or programming for the coming year!

Finally, this work was completed with the generous support of Humanities
Washington as part of their Public Humanities Fellows
<https://www.humanities.org/public-humanities-fellows/> program.

Avery Dame-Griff

Avery Dame-Griff (he/him/his)
Lecturer, Women's and Gender Studies (Gonzaga University)
Author, *The Two Revolutions: A History of the Transgender Internet* (NYU
Press, August 2023)
Curator, Queer Digital History Project <http://queerdigital.com/>
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