[SIGCIS-Members] Conference „Flexibility“ and „Agility“, 17.-19.11.2022, Darmstadt

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Dear Sigcis,

I am happy to inform you about an upcoming conference at TU Darmstadt: Martina Heßler (TU Darmstadt), Martin Krzywdzinski (HSU) and Christopher Neumaier (ZZF) are jointly hosting a conference on “'Flexibility' and 'Agility' – Strategies, Practices, and Ambivalences of a Key Concept since the 1980s” in Darmstadt, Germany on the 17-19 November 2022. Prominent speakers like Richard Sennett explore the concept of flexibility along with the strategies, processes, practices, and ambivalences of flexibilization. Even though the focus of the conference will be on work environments, they will also consider broader social contexts.
Find more information on the program and the registration form at conference website: https://www.geschichte.tu-darmstadt.de/flexibility

The conference is jointly hosted by: Technical University of Darmstadt, Leibniz Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam (ZZF), Helmut-Schmidt-University/University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg (HSU), SPP 2267 “The Digitalization of Working Worlds. Conceptualising and Capturing a Systemic Transformation.“ The conference will be held in English.

I am looking forward to see some of you there!
Take care and enjoy the summer,

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