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A little more self-promotion. There are two hybrid book talks coming up for
A New History of Modern Computing. One is a small event today at UWM, my
home university, with our digital humanities group. It's 3:00 to 4:00 US
central time, and as it is likely to be a small audience (particularly in
person) I expect to run it in a more conversational, interactive way rather
than just ploughing through a huge deck of slides.
dern-computing/ If you fill in the form then you should get a zoom link from
the host. But if you don't get your zoom link half an hour ahead then email
me and I'll send it to you directly. I am not including the link here,
because if you fill the form in it will help the DH lab justify its


Then there is what promises to be a larger event in Chicago, organized by
the local chapter of the ACM and hosted by Loyola.
https://www.meetup.com/acm-chicago/events/285566610/ That's going to be on
Wednesday, May 18 from 6pm to 8pm (again US central time). It will a more
formal talk, but given the non-specialist audience I'm going to try to make
it accessible by focusing on the core question of what the unusual nature of
the computer itself means for someone faced with the task of trying to
construct a coherent and comprehensive biographical narrative for this


BTW, if you do want to see a recording of me rushing through a lot of slides
in an intense manner then the keynote talk I gave at HAPOC in Zurich last
year is now available:
.html. Given the audience there I assumed an interest in Turing and a
familiarity with the general shape of the history of computing literature.
Thanks, of course, to everyone involved with setting up those events and in
particular for the invitation to Zurich, which thanks to the timing of the
various Covid waves felt like a surprisingly normal conference experience.


While I am clogging up your inbox, I might as well also include a link to a
nice story that Gil Press of Forbes posted about the book recently: 



Best wishes,



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