[SIGCIS-Members] Henry G. Rice and APS

David Nofre d.nofre at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 03:29:42 PDT 2022

Dear list,

I'm trying to trace back Henry G. Rice's work at Westinghouse Research 
Labs in the late 1950s on the development of the so-called Automatic 
Programming System (APS). Rice was trained as a mathematician and 
logician with Paul C. Rosenbloom at Syracuse and joined Westinghouse 
labs around 1955/6. From the few sources that I've found it seems that 
Rice's APS was a language for the Datatron 205 similar to Fortran but 
making extensive use of Polish notation. Does anybody know if/where I 
could get more info on Rice and/or APS ?

Thanks in advance.

David Nofre


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