[SIGCIS-Members] Registration: Workshop series "Issues in XAI #4": "Explainable AI: between ethics and epistemology"

Giorgia Pozzi g.pozzi at gmx.de
Tue Apr 19 02:03:59 PDT 2022

We warmly invite you to participate in the fourth workshop in the interdisciplinary workshop series ‘Issues in explainable AI’, dedicated to exploring the various facets of research on improving our understanding of AI systems.

This instalment takes place in Delft from May 23-25 and focuses on the interplay between epistemic challenges of artificial intelligence and the ethical use of artificial intelligence. How can explainability support us when trying to meet the challenges of ethical use? And to what extent are there obligations for AI systems to be explainable? Presentations will explore among other things when explainability is required, how explainability relates to trust, accountability and knowledge, and will consider case studies in health care. Furthermore, four keynotes will be given by Filippo Santoni de Sio, Federica Russo, Judith Simon and Otávio Bueno. 

 All interested participants are welcome, either in person or online. For more details including the program, see the website for the workshop: https://juanmduran.net/xai4/ <https://juanmduran.net/xai4/> 

Please, find the registration link to attend the workshop (either online or on-site): https://forms.gle/S5zj1SsrKKEpoKFJ9 <https://forms.gle/S5zj1SsrKKEpoKFJ9> 

Please, consider that we have a limited amount of spots available to attend the conference on-site and these will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis. 

The workshop is sponsored by the European Research Infrastructure SoBigData++ (http://sobigdata.eu <http://sobigdata.eu/>), the European Network of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Humane-AI (https://www.humane-ai.eu <https://www.humane-ai.eu/>), KNAW Wetenschapsfondsen Evert Willem Beth Foundation (https://www.knaw.nl/en/awards/funds/evert-willem-beth-stichting <https://www.knaw.nl/en/awards/funds/evert-willem-beth-stichting>), the TU Delft TPM-AI Lab (https://www.tudelft.nl/tbm/tpm-ai-lab <https://www.tudelft.nl/tbm/tpm-ai-lab>), and the Delft Digital Ethics Initiative. This workshop is part of the workshop series “Issues in Explainable AI” (www.explainable-intelligent.systems <http://www.explainable-intelligent.systems/>).

 If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact any of the organizers:

Juan M. Durán: j.m.duran at tudelft.nl <mailto:j.m.duran at tudelft.nl> 

Stefan Buijsman: s.n.r.buijsman at tudelft.nl <mailto:s.n.r.buijsman at tudelft.nl> 

Giorgia Pozzi: g.pozzi at tudelft.nl <mailto:g.pozzi at tudelft.nl> 

Jonne Maas: j.j.c.maas at tudelft.nl <mailto:j.j.c.maas at tudelft.nl> 

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