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re early female architect barred from men's club
Here is some background information:  From the mid-70s to the late 80s there were many demonstrations, often led by lawyers, journalists, and those in other professions who were excluded from work-related discussions held at men-only and sometimes white-only social clubs.  The sites included some university alumni clubs. Usually there was extensive newspaper/TV coverage. Histories of those events and lawsuits might identify participants.
Quitting Is Not Acquitting - The New York Times, 3 Jan 1977  <https://www.nytimes.com/1977/01/03/archives/quitting-is-not-acquitting.html>
The troublesome thing about private clubs, in law and in fact, is that they are ... Why men only, after all, in Washington's Metropolitan and Cosmos Clubs?
COSMOS CLUB ATTACKED BY DC RULING - The ... <https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1987/11/07/cosmos-club-attacked-by-dc-ruling/6531aa35-726d-4e34-8a76-86b69e4a1aeb/>
Washington Post, 7 Nov 1987.  The sweeping decision is the latest development in a long-running conflict over men-only clubs in the District, and arises out of a two-pronged .
Club Doors Are Open, But Women Draw Back - The New York ..., 14 Sep1988 <https://www.nytimes.com/1988/09/14/garden/club-doors-are-open-but-women-draw-back.html>
Of the University Club's 4,000 members, only 20 are women; .. Many clubs have fought such laws and lost; a few are still fighting
State Power and Discrimination by Private Clubs - JSTOR <https://www.jstor.org/stable/1341620>
Harvard Law Review, Vol. 104, No. 8 (Jun., 1991), pp. 1835-1856 (22 pages). Private social clubs with discriminatory membership policies are fast becoming extinct. Such clubs face mounting informal pressure'.

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At 07:41 PM 9/10/2021, Jonathan Coopersmith wrote:
There are other stories about other women unable to meet with professors and other professionals because their clubs banned women -- e.g. Anna G. Perkins, Yale Needs Women.

I'm working on a condensation for CACM of Turing Award winner Dana Scott's recent oral history. In it he says this:

Close friends of [Alfred] Tarski were Raphael and Julia Robinson. Julia did her thesis under Tarski, but you can't imagine the difference for women between 1950 and today. Only men were allowed in the Berkeley Faculty Club, so when Tarski suggested at a lunch that there were many problems to be solved about rational arithmetic, Julia was not present. Raphael suggested that to her later, and that's how Julia's famous thesis eventually evolved, where she showed the undecidability of the theory of rational numbers.

If all goes well, the condensation and a pointer to the full interview should be published in about six months.


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