[SIGCIS-Members] Question about early female architect barred from men's club

Len Shustek len at shustek.com
Thu Sep 9 18:18:54 PDT 2021

At 09:08 PM 9/8/2021, Ellen Spertus wrote:
>Back in the 1990s I attended a Systers lunch at an 
>architecture-related conference, maybe ASPLOS-V (1992, Boston). Gwen 
>Bell told us about a female computer architect who worked for one of 
>the first computer firms until she was unable to attend a meeting 
>with a client because the club/restaurant only allowed men, after 
>which she was fired. Do any of you know the full story (or can you 
>ask Gwen Bell)?

We asked Gwen, and she doesn't remember.
I also asked Lynn Conway, who was fired by IBM in the 60s. She said 
it isn't her, but if it is a true story she'd like to know who it was.
-- Len

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