[SIGCIS-Members] Query about invention of wired networking

Douglas Lucas dal at riseup.net
Fri Sep 3 11:54:34 PDT 2021

Hi SIGCIS-Members, 

I just wanted to thank everyone I didn't get a chance to respond to
earlier for their very helpful and thought-provoking posts in reply to
my query. 

Pierre Mounier-Kuhn, thanks for the reference to FH Raymond's memoirs
published in 1989 in the _Annals of the History of Computing_ ("SEA: An
Adventure with a Sad Ending"). I also really like the subsidiary
questions you posed regarding theoretical work: To what extent were
theoretical studies of digital networks extensions of studies about data
flows within a computer (queuing problems, etc.), and what were the
radically novel problems raised by digital network design? 

Allan Olley, thanks for pointing to the two fiction works ("A Logic
Named Joe" and 1954's _Year of Consent_), plus the mention of WWII tech
of converting punch cards into teletype. 

Brian Berg, thanks for the link to the IEEE Milestone proposal for the
SSEM with all the detailed documentation. 

Emily Goodmann, thanks for the reference to the 1934 John Mills article
"Communication with Electrical Brains" in _Bell Telephone Quarterly_. 

Brian E Carpenter, thanks for the pointer to Williams and Kilburn's 1948
letter to _Nature_. 

Willard McCarty, thanks for all the great citations. 

Marc Weber, thanks for the link to the Computer History Museum's
"Revolution" exhibition and Jim Pelkey's _History of Computer
Communications_ (currently being updated). 

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