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    Dear Colleagues,

    I hope you are all well and ready for the fall term, whatever it might bring in these uncertain times.

    My wife Ruth and I are moving from Portland to Berkeley in the near future; our new flat will have many advantages, but alas, not nearly enough space for all our books, papers, and media.

    I'm writing in the hope of finding new homes for (i.e. giving away) any or all of my large collection of books on computing. Through a decade of graduate school and three decades of teaching CS, I accumulated a trove of "classic" books in this discipline, starting in the 60s and including well-known works by Dijkstra, Wirth, Brooks, Brinch Hansen, Minsky, Wiener, Gries, Kernighan, Stroustrup, Knuth, McCluskey, McCracken, Leveson, Shneiderman, Perlis, Sammet, Ullman, and many more -- 143 in all. The list is included below.

    Please email me if you're interested in any of these. Ruth has very kindly offered to work with you on the shipping logistics; we ask only that you reimburse us for the shipping costs.

    Book dealers don't usually have the understanding or respect for the content of these books, so they have little to no sale value. But they might well have real value to people like SIGCSE members who know the field. Unfortunately, I fear my options might come down to saying farewell to these treasures on their way to the landfill.

    Best regards,
    Michael Feldman
    Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
    The George Washington University
    Washington, DC 20052
    mfeldman at gwu.edu
    Classic Books on Computer Science
    Abd-Alla, A.M. and A.C. Meltzer. Principles of Digital Computer Design. (1976)
    Abelson, H., G.J. Sussman, J. Sussman. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (1985)
    Abrahams, P. TeX for the Impatient. (1990)
    Adler, I. Thinking Machines (1961)
    Aho, A. and J. Ullman. Foundations of Computer Science (1992)
    Aho, A., J. Hopcroft, and J. Ullman. Data Structures and Algorithms (1983)
    Alagic, S. and M.A. Arbib. The Design of Well-Structured and Correct Programs (1978)
    Arbib, M.A. Computers and the Cybernetic Society (1977)
    Barron, D.W. Pascal: the Language and Its Implementation (1981)
    Baumann, R., et al. Introduction to Algol (1964)
    Bavel, Z. Math Companion for Computer Science (1982)
    Bearden, D. et al. The Turtle's Sourcebook (1983)
    Bell System Technical Journal. The UNIX System (Oct 1984)
    Bell System Technical Journal. UNIX Time-Sharing system (July-Aug 1978)
    Bellman, R. Artificial Intelligence: Can Computers Think? (1978)
    Ben-Ari, M. et al. Foundations of Computer Science (vols 1 and 2, in Hebrew) (1997)
    Ben-Ari, M. Understanding Programming Languages (1996)
    Berkeley, E. The Computer Revolution (1962)
    Booth, T. Sequential Machines & Automata Theory (1967)
    Boszormenyi, L. and C. Weich. Programming in Modula-3 (1996)
    Bowles, K. Problem Solving Using Pascal (1977)
    Bowles, K.L. Beginner's Guide for the UCSD Pascal System (1980)
    Brinch Hansen, P. Programming a Personal Computer (1982)
    Brix, V.H. You Are a Computer (1970)
    Brooks, F. P. The Mythical Man-Month (1995)
    Brooks, F.P. and K.E. Iverson. Automatic Data Processing (1963)
    Brown, G.D. System 370 Job Control Language (1977)
    Burks, A.W. Essays on Cellular Automata (1970)
    Buxton, J.N. and B. Randell. NATO Conference on Software Engrg Techniques (1970)
    Carman, R.A. A Programmed Intro to Vectors (1963)
    Carney, J.D. and R.K. Scheer. Fundamentals of Logic (1964)
    Chapin, N. An Intro to Automatic Computers 2e (1963)
    Churchill, R.V. Complex Variables and Applications, 2nd ed. (1960)
    Clement, P.R. and W.C. Johnson. Electrical Engineering Science (1960)
    Coffman, E.G., and P.J. Denning, Operating Systems Theory (1973)
    Coleman, D. A Structured Programming Approach to Data (1979)
    Corliss, W.R. Computers (1967)
    CRC Standard Mathematical Tables (1959)
    Dept. of the Army Log and Math Tables (1956)
    Dijkstra, E.W. A Discipline of Programming (1976)
    Dijkstra, E.W., ed. Formal Development of Programs and Proofs (1990)
    Feigenbaum, E.A. and J. Feldman. Computers and Thought (1963)
    Feuer, A., and N. Gehani. Comparing and Assessing Programming Languages (1984)
    Finkbeiner, D.T. Intro to Matrices and Linear Transformations (1960)
    Foley, J.D. and A. van Dam. Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics (1983)
    Forsythe, G.E. et al., Computer Methods for Mathematical Computations (1977)
    Geller, D.P. and D.P. Freedman. Structured Programming in APL (1976)
    Gilb, T. Software Metrics (1977)
    Gimpel, J.F. Algorithms in SNOBOL4 (1976)
    Greenberg, S. GPSS Primer (1972)
    Gregory, R.H. and R.L. van Horn. Business Data Processing and Programming (1963)
    Gries, D. Compiler Construction for Digital Computers (1971)
    Griswold, R.E. and M.T. Griswold. A SNOBOL4 Primer (1973)
    Griswold, R.E. String and List Processing in SNOBOL4 (1975)
    Griswold, R.E. The Macro Implementation of SNOBOL4 (1972)
    Griswold, R.E., et al. The SNOBOL4 Programming Language, 2e (1971)
    Halmos, P. Naive Set Theory (1960)
    Harary, F. Graph Theory (1969)
    Harel, D. Algorithmics. (1987)
    Harrison, M.A. Intro to Switching and Automata Theory (1965)
    Heller, R.S. and C.D. Martin, Alef Basic (1983)
    Heller, R.S., C.D. Martin, and J.L. Wright, LogoWorlds (1985)
    Hertzfeld, A. Revolution in the Valley (2005)
    Higman, B. A Comparative Study of Programming Languages (1967)
    Hoffman, L.J. Modern Methods for Computer Security and Privacy (1977)
    Holt, R.C. and J.N.P. Hume. Turing Programming Language (1983)
    Holt, R.C. Concurrent Euclid, The UNIX System, and Tunis (1983)
    Hopgood, F.R.A. Compiling Techniques (1969)
    Hughes, J.K. PL/I Structured Programming (1979)
    IBM Self-Study Course Principles of Programming (1961)
    Ingerman, P.Z. A Syntax-Oriented Translator (1966)
    James, G. and R.C. James. Mathematics Dictionary (1959)
    Kaufman, R. A Fortran Coloring Book (1979)
    Kernighan, B.W. and P.J. Plauger. Software Tools (1976)
    Kernighan, B.W. and P.J. Plauger. The Elements of Programming Style 2e (1978)
    Kleene, S.C. Mathematical Logic (1967)
    Knuth, D. E. The Art of Computer Programming, vol. 1 (1973)
    Knuth, D. E. The Art of Computer Programming, vol. 2 (1973)
    Knuth, D. E. The Art of Computer Programming, vol. 3 (1973)
    Knuth, D.E. Surreal Numbers (1974)
    Kuo, S. Assembler Language (1974)
    Ledgard, H. (ed.) The American Pascal Standard (1984)
    Ledgard, H. et al. Programming Proverbs, 5 vols (1975-1978-1979-1978-1975)
    Lee, J.A.N. The Anatomy of a Compiler. (1967)
    Leveson, N.G. Safeware (1995)
    Lewis, P.M., et al. Compiler Design Theory (1976)
    Linger, R.C., H.D. Mills, and B.I. Witt. Structured Programming Theory and Practice (1979)
    Mager, R.F. Preparing Instructional Objectives (1962)
    McCarthy, J. et al. LISP 1.5 Programmer's Manual (1966)
    McCluskey, E.J. Intro to the Theory of Switching Circuits (1965)
    McCracken, D.D. Digital Computer Programming (1957)
    Mendenhall, W. Introto Probability & Statistics 2e (1967)
    Meyer, B. Object-Oriented Software Construction (1988)
    Milner, W. Common Lisp: a Tutorial (1988)
    Minsky, M. and S. Papert. Perceptrons (1972)
    Minsky, M. Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines (1967)
    Mowshowitz, A. Inside Information; Computers in Fiction (1977)
    Myers, G.J. Composite/Structured Design (1978)
    Newman, J.R. The World of Mathematics, vols. 1-4 (1956)
    Newman, W.M., and R.F. Sproull. Principles of Interactive Computer Graphics (1973)
    Niguidula, D.A. and A. van Dam. Pascal on the Macintosh (1987)
    Organick, E.I. and J.A. Hinds. Interpreting Machines. (1978)
    Organick, E.I. Computer System Organization - the B5700/B6700 series (1973)
    Pattis, R.E. et al. Karel the Robot (1981)
    Pattis, R.E. et al. Karel the Robot, 2nd ed. (1995)
    Paulman, J. Fundamentals of APL Programming (1976)
    Perlis, A.J. Introduction to Computer Science (1975)
    Randell, B. and L.J. Russell. Algol 60 Implementation (1964)
    Rosen, S. Programming Systems and Languages. (1967)
    Rustin, R. Courant Computer Science Symposia (1971-1970-1973-1972)
    Salisbury, A. Microprogrammable Computer Architectures (1976)
    Salus, P. ed. Handbook of Programming Languages vol. 2-3-4 (1998)
    Sammet, J.E. Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals (1969)
    Scientific American, Automatic Control (1955)
    Sedgewick, R. Algorithms, 2nd ed. (1988)
    Shannon, C.E. and J. McCarthy, eds. Automata Studies (1956)
    Shneiderman, B. Designing the User Interface (1987)
    Simon, H.A. The Sciences of the Artificial (1969)
    Sippl, C.J. and D.A. Kidd. Microcomputer Dictionary and Guide (1975)
    Software Practice & Experience, 10 issues 1981-1983 (MBF article in Jan. 81)
    Storey, N. Safety-Critical Computer Systems (1996)
    Tanenbaum, A.S. Operating Systems Design & Implementation (1987)
    Tanenbaum, A.S. Structured Computer Organization (1976)
    Taube, M. Computers and Common Sense (1961)
    Thomas, G.B. Calculus and Analytic Geometry (3rd ed) (1960)
    Trakhtenbrot, B.A. Algorithms and Automatic Computing Machines (1963)
    Ullman, J.D. Principles of Database Systems (1980)
    various early 80s computer mags (early C-64 and Mac stuff, etc.)
    Waite, W.M. Implementing Software for Non-Numeric Applications (1973)
    Wegner, P. An Introduction to Symbolic Programming (1963)
    Wegner, P. Programming Languages, Information Structures, and Machine Organization (1968)
    Wiener, N. Cybernetics (1961)
    Wiener, N. The Human Use of Human Beings (1967)
    Williams, J.D. The Compleat Strategyst (1966)
    Wirth, N. Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs (1976)
    Wirth, N. Algorithms and Data Structures (1986)
    Wirth, N. Compiler Construction (1996)
    Wirth, N. Programming in Modula-2, 2nd ed. (1983)
    Wirth, N. Programming in Modula-2, 3rd ed. (1985)
    Yeh, R.T. Current Trends in Programming Methodology vols. 1-4 (1978)
    Yourdon, E. and L. Constantine. Structured Design (1979)
    Yourdon, E. Techniques of Program Structure and Design (1975)
    Zelkowitz, M.V. et al. Principles of Software Engineering and Design (1979)

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