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This may be old news here, but over on the Internet History list, Jack Haverty has flagged the ARPANET section of the 1990 ADA report (see below for details). I see that there are chapters on several other interesting topics (and much more besides):

XIX. Project MAC: Computer Time Sharing
XXI. Artificial Intelligence
XXII. Morse Code Reader
XX III. ACCAT (Advanced Command and Control Architectural Testbed)

    Brian Carpenter

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FYI, I stumbled across a government report written in 1990 but that I
hadn't seen before now.   It contains a summary of the creation 
evolution of the ARPANET and the beginnings of the Internet. Where it
talks about things that I personally experienced, it agrees with my
recollections.   So I tend to trust the other things it says that are
new to me even today.  I thought that internet-historians might be
interested too.

The report is non-technical, but highlights some of the reasons for the
success of the project, leading to the Internet we have today, such as
the way in which people moved around between organizations, political
and managerial decisions within parts of the government, activities for
moving the technology from research to operations, and other such
non-technical drivers of the success of the Internet.

See https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA239925.pdf    -- Chapter XX (page 243)

/Jack Haverty

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