[SIGCIS-Members] Research into the history of PNG? (Bonus: "paleo PNGs")

Jeff Thompson mail at jeffreythompson.org
Wed Jul 28 07:50:25 PDT 2021

Hi everyone, a summertime shot in the dark maybe, but is/has anyone here done work on the history of the PNG format? I’m working on a project creating an annotated PNG file, weaving together technical details and historical info on how the PNG format was created and the layers of other technologies that it’s built on.

Would love suggestions for reading and/or to chat with anyone who has done work in this area!

As a bonus, if anyone is interested I’ve unearthed two of the “paleo PNGs,” some of the first images encoded in the PNG format by Glenn Randers Pehrson in 1995. You can find lots of dead links to them online and I had no luck for months.. finally stumbled on them and have attached them here!

Cheers and thanks for letting me lurk here :)


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Jeff Thompson (he/him/his)
Associate Professor
Visual Art & Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology


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