[SIGCIS-Members] Essay on Silicon Valley and behaviorism

Anne Fitzpatrick acbfitzpatrick at gmail.com
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Thanks for sharing your very interesting and thoughtful piece!  Glad to see
other social scientists researching Big Tech and trying to make sense of
where it is headed and understand those who work for that industry. In a
similar vein, I'd like to share the attached with the SIGCIS community;
it's a book chapter I had published in November on the future of High
Performance Computing, written as part of a philosophical homage to
Professor Joe Pitt at Virginia Tech's Philosophy Dept.

I don't have much of a public persona but I work for the Department of
Defense as a Tech Director by day, and serve as an adjunct Prof at Virginia
Tech's Science & Technology Studies Department in my off hours, where I
wrote this chapter.  Apologies that this version isn't machine readable but
the electronic version hasn't come out yet.  Happy New Year to All.


On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 11:01 AM Shreeharsh Kelkar <shreeharsh at gmail.com>

> Dear all,
> I wanted to share a new piece I wrote on whether Silicon Valley
> engineers are behaviorists
> <https://medium.com/swlh/are-surveillance-capitalists-behaviorists-does-it-matter-no-and-maybe-a7327265eead> that
> might be of interest to people on this list. I argue that they are
> not--though I'm agnostic on whether calling them behaviorists is tactically
> useful. Given the expertise of everyone on this list, I'd love to know if
> you have any feedback/thoughts/reactions.
> Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!
> Best,
> Shreeharsh
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> Shreeharsh Kelkar
> http://www.shreeharshkelkar.net
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