[SIGCIS-Members] Call for 10 Junior (postdoc) / Senior Fellowships "Cultures of Research" (Käte Hamburger Kolleg, RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Alexandre Hocquet alexandre.hocquet at univ-lorraine.fr
Wed Dec 15 07:51:35 PST 2021

Dear SIGCISers,
I am taking the liberty to forward this announcement, as I am currently 
a fellow there. To the extent of my knowledge, I can try to answer (via 
email) questions that are not in the FAQ, or at least redirect questions 
to the powers that be.

The Käte Hamburger Kolleg Aachen Cultures of Research (c:o/re) has 
openings for a total of 10 international fellows for the academic year 
2022/2023, starting in October 2022. Eligible applicants are expected to 
come from the humanities, social sciences and STS as well as from 
natural, life and technical sciences. This International Center for 
Advanced Studies at RWTH Aachen University is funded by the German 
Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Part of its mission is to 
offer a free space to its fellows to develop their own research and to 
exchange ideas up to 12 months.
The topic Cultures of Research is positioned where the fields of 
philosophy, sociology and history interface with natural science and 
technology. The overall focus of the Center’s work is on transformations 
of science and technology towards complexity, life-likeness and 
emergence. We are particularly interested in digitalization of research 
(simulation, artificial intelligence, machine learning) for studying 
complex systems (e.g. climate change, energy revolution, biologization, 
sustainability), in participatory arrangements between science and 
society and in investigating histories and varieties of cultures of 

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