[SIGCIS-Members] Historical Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software

Alexandre Hocquet alexandre.hocquet at univ-lorraine.fr
Wed Sep 23 12:10:09 PDT 2020

On 9/22/20 8:09 AM, Ulf Hashagen wrote:
> I became interested in the history of "Computational Fluid Dynamics 
> (CFD) Software" last week, but could not find much historical source 
> material on this topic so far. May I ask for your advice and comments?

dear Ulf,

If you're into CFD *software* , this paper by Matthew Spencer :

Spencer, Matthew. 2015. “Brittleness and Bureaucracy : Software as a 
Material for Science.” Perspectives on Science 23 (4): 466–84.

narrates the history of [this piece of software] 
(http://www.swmath.org/software/24822) and has a pioneering take on the 
influence of software on scientific activity. It was an inspiration for 
our (Frédéric Wieber and I) own work on computational chemistry software 
as historians of science.

Alexandre Hocquet
Archives Henri Poincaré & Science History Institute
Alexandre.Hocquet at univ-lorraine.fr

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