[SIGCIS-Members] Why teach a computer history course and what to teach?

Božena Mannová mannova at fel.cvut.cz
Mon Oct 26 02:08:46 PDT 2020

I am teaching at CTU in Prague, and we are teaching some courses from 
history in bachelor program but not yet Computing history. Do you have 
some experiece with such a course?

Please let me know. Do you think we have to teach such a course? Lot of 
ideas for todays computers came from history and they are still valid.

Thank you for cooperation

Boba Mannova

Dr. Bozena (Boba) Mannova
CTU in Prague, Department of Computer Science
Karlovo namesti 13, Praha 2, CZ 121 35
phone: +420 224 357 312
e-mail: mannova at fel.cvut.cz

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