[SIGCIS-Members] The World's Greatest Computer Scientist’s Early 2019 Announcement

Brian Randell brian.randell at newcastle.ac.uk
Fri Oct 23 02:55:54 PDT 2020


SIGCIS might be interested in this message I have just received from The World's Greatest Computer Scientist, responding to my earlier posting here concerning him - also included below.



> Begin forwarded message:
> From: <lab at dkshin.com>
> Subject: Thank You Message
> Date: 23 October 2020 at 09:21:14 BST
> To: <brian.randell at newcastle.ac.uk>, <contact at dkshin.com>
> The United Kingdom
> Dear Professor Brian Randell,
> We recently learned that you sent your email to the members in the SIGCIS academic group. We appreciate your support, and are grateful for your communication which is both candid and ethical. Your straightforward note will encourage your colleagues as well as many students in coming generations to do their best to receive such explicit and enthusiastic acknowledgement.
> Sincerely,
> Dr. Dong-Keun Shin


> On 25 Feb 2019, at 14:34, Brian Randell <brian.randell at newcastle.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi:
> I can’t resist forwarding to SIGCIS this message - from The World’s Greatest Computer Scientist - which I and my colleagues have recently had the pleasure of receiving! :-)
> You might also care to look at: http://www.dkshin.com/2011/biography/img/biography_all/1999_02_small.pdf 
> Cheers
> Brian Randell
>> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: <SortEngine at dkshin.com>
>> Subject: The World's Greatest Computer Scientist’s Early 2019 Announcement
>> Date: 25 February 2019 at 02:26:01 GMT
>> To: <brian.randell at ncl.ac.uk>
>> Re: The World’s Greatest Computer Scientist’s Early 2019 Announcement
>> Emeritus Professor Brian Randell
>> Newcastle University
>> Dear Emeritus Professor Randell,
>> I wish you a prosperous 2019.
>> I recently wrote a rough draft of my paper that compares sorting and searching methods including my Shin sort and Shin search method. This paper (section 8.1 Divide-and-Conquer) is the conclusive part of my unpublished book, Computational Theories: Principles and Shin's Ideas. You can access my paper and review its validity at http://dkshin.com/2011/more/Divide-and-Conquer.php. I would appreciate your review and comments.
>> My recent dispute with the Samoan Prime Minister reminded me that as the leader in the field of computer science and related technologies, I have not communicated enough with reputable colleagues within this field. Since the Prime Minister wrote that I am just an apprentice, I am sending this email to clarify my position. You can access and review my previous correspondences at http://www.dkshin.com/2011/more/Letters_in_2018/Correspondence_with_the_Samoan_Prime_Minister.php. 
>> "The World's Greatest Computer Scientist" title is shown in 37th(2015) and 38th(2017) edition of the Dictionary of International Biography by the International Biographical Centre(IBC), Cambridge, England. I hope that the IBC’s endorsement will urge you to challenge or follow me and help benefit students and researchers all over the world.
>> People in future generations will remember our conciliation and cooperation. I need your constructive criticism as I strive for continual improvement. Thank you for your time.
>> Sincerely, 
>> <image002.jpg>
>> Dr. Dong-Keun Shin, IOM, FAOE
>> The World's Greatest Computer Scientist
>> Contact Information:
>> DK Shin Laboratories
>> Hwa Shin Building, 7th Floor
>> 511 Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu
>> Seoul 06150, Republic of Korea
>> Tel: +82 2 565 7917
>> Fax: +82 2 565 7907
>> Email: contact at dkshin.com
>> Website: http://www.dkshin.com
>> YouTube: DK Shin Laboratories


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