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It's not a great time for archival research, so I thought you might be
interested in my recent discovery (checking the proper collection name for a
footnote in the new History of Modern Computing) that what seems to be the
full content of the Grace Murray Hopper Collection from the NMAH is now
available online. Papers primarily from her time at Harvard with the
electro-mechanical tape controlled computers and at what became Univac
working on compilers.


Overview: https://sova.si.edu/record/NMAH.AC.0324 

Contents: https://sova.si.edu/details/NMAH.AC.0324?s=0


While I am here, I should also mention the Computer Oral Histories
Collection, which was the first major effort in the history of computing
from 1969 into the early 1970s. The interviews are of mixed quality and not
all of are online, but being so early gave them access to some people who
were not around for later waves of interviews. A subset of the transcripts
are now online, including those with Hopper, some of them digitized with the
support the ACM. https://sova.si.edu/details/NMAH.AC.0196?s=0
&n=10&t=C&q=&i=0 The ones with an icon of what seems to be a gift box.


Best wishes,



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