[SIGCIS-Members] WiderScreen 2-3/2020: "Home Computer Cultures and Society Before the Internet Age"

Gleb J. Albert gleb.albert at uzh.ch
Thu Jun 18 12:05:12 PDT 2020

Dear colleagues and list members,

I am very happy to announce that a selection of papers on the history of home computer user- and subcultures in the 1980s and early 1990s, which had originally been presented at an international workshop at the University of Zurich in March 2017, are now available in a thematic issue of the Finnish media studies open-access journal "WiderScreen". The issue, edited by Julia Gül Erdogan, Markku Reunanen and myself, is available at:


Here is the full table of contents:

- Theodore Lekkas & Aristotle Tympas (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens): "Global Machines and Local Magazines in 1980s Greece: The Exemplary Case of the Pixel Magazine"
- Patryk Wasiak (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw): "The Polish Amiga Scene as a Brand Community"
- Gleb J. Albert (Department of History, University of Zurich): "New Scenes, New Markets: The Global Expansion of the Cracking Scene, Late 1980s to Early 1990s"
- Beatrice Tobler (Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg): "BBS Worlds. Looking Back at the Swiss BBS Scene of the 1990s"
- Petri Saarikoski (Digital Culture, University of Turku): "The Rise and Fall of BBS Culture in Finland, 1982–2002"
- Ulf Sandqvist (Humlab, Umeå University): "Hobbyist and Entrepreneurs: A Study of the Interplay Between the Game Industry and the Demoscene"
- Kevin Driscoll (Department of Media Studies, University of Virginia): "Demography and Decentralization: Measuring the Bulletin Board Systems of North America"
- Julia Gül Erdogan (Institute of History, Department History of the Effects of Technology, University of Stuttgart): "West and East German Hackers from a Comparative Perspective"

Best wishes,

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