[SIGCIS-Members] Smart phones vs. classic computers

PETER ECKSTEIN petereckstein at comcast.net
Wed Aug 26 10:44:25 PDT 2020

After many years, I am completing work on the manuscript of book on the early lives of America’s computer hardware pioneers. To put things in a bit of historical perspective, I have included in the conclusions a reference to today’s smart phones as having a “processing capacity that dwarfs that of ENIAC or even the fastest of Seymour Cray’s supercomputers.” (Mauchly, Eckert, and Cray are three of my subjects)

Before I try to pass that along as fact, I would appreciate some expert opinion. Is it true? Is “processing capacity” the best measure of the contrast? Wouldn’t it also be true of storage capacity?

Peter Eckstein

Ann Arbor Michigan

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