[SIGCIS-Members] institutaioal access to the journal Informationstechnik

dave walden dave.walden.family at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 07:22:38 PDT 2019


Does anyone on this list have institutional access to the 1986 issues of 

I am wondering if the following article
     Matthias Blumenfeld
"Interleaf: die Integration von Text und Grafik"
has anything more about the history of the Interleaf company than is on 
the first page of the article which is at
*... *that is, more about the connection between the Etude editor 
project and the forming of 

If it does, I can figure out how to pay $42 to access the article.  If 
the rest of the article is only about the Interleaf technology and why 
it was good, then I have enough from the first page.

I am working on a history of the Interleaf desktop publishing and 
document management company.

Thanks, Dave

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