[SIGCIS-Members] Documentation of AOL in mid-1990s

Avery Dame-Griff avery.dame at gmail.com
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I've had limited locating these on my own, so I wonder if anyone has any
suggestions: Are there archives (official or community-based) of documents
related to America Online, especially during its mid-1990s boom? I'm
especially interested in two things: A) Guides/Community Leaders'
day-to-day practices around policing offensive content and B) AOL's
relationship to independent community-oriented content providers (including
compensation rates, contracts, etc.).

Some documentation of Guide practices and policies exists, but there's
almost nothing about the latter - it's my suspicion most users didn't even
know some forums were run by independent contractors.

Thanks in advance,
Avery Dame-Griff

Avery Dame-Griff
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