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Cliff Jones cliff.jones at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Nov 27 10:03:52 PST 2019

The Springer Journal “Formal Aspects of Computing” will produce an edition (31:6) which has papers relating to “Formal Methods”. At the moment, 5 papers, an editorial and an obituary of Zohar Manna are already visible on-line at
If your institution has a Springer account, you ought be able to download PDFs free of charge

The editorial is by Jones&Oliveira [you have to hunt down the page for some of these]

Haigh on “Assembling a prehistory for formal methods: a personal view<https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00165-019-00494-z>“ [please read this first - the following articles offer historical source material - they are written by the experts involved - not by card carrying historians]

Apt&Olderog on “Hoare Logic”

Moore on “… ACL/2"

Paulson,Nipkow&Wenzel on “… Isabelle”

Pous&Sangiorgi on “Bi-simulation and co-induction”

Dershowitz&Waldinger wrote the obituary of Zohar

cliff jones

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