[SIGCIS-Members] Special Issue on Machines and Mathematics

Maarten Bullynck maarten.bullynck at kuttaka.org
Wed Nov 13 02:04:41 PST 2019

Dear members of SIGCIS,

I am happy to announce the publication of a special issue of Revue de
Synthèse (vol 139: 3-4, 2018) on "Mathematics and Machines", edited by
Liesbeth De Mol, Marie-José Durand-Richard and myself .

The issue looks at the interactions between mathematics and manual,
analogue or digital computation and focuses on the period before and
after World War II. I attach our English translation of the
introduction, explaining the topic and outlining the articles of the
special issue. The issue itself is online here:


(While access to the issue is restricted, some of the articles can be
found in preprint form on HAL-SHS Archives Ouvertes,
https://halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/ notably nrs. halshs-01541616 and

ed. by Liesbeth De Mol, Maarten Bullynck and Marie-José Durand-Richard

* Liesbeth De Mol, Maarten Bullynck and Marie-José Durand-Richard
_Introduction: Mathématiques et machines_ (pp.235-239)

* Maarten Bullynck
_Programming Men and Machines. Changing Organisation in the Artillery
Computations at Aberdeen Proving Ground (1916-1946)_, (pp. 241-266)

* Allan Olley
_A Task that Exceeded the Technology: Early Applications of the Computer
to the Lunar Three-body Problem_ (pp. 267-288)

* Marie-José Durand-Richard
_De l'analyseur différentiel à l'ordinateur : le parcours de Douglas R.
Hartree (1897-1958)_ (pp. 289-326)

* Loïc Petitgirard
_Machines analogiques et mathématiques des systèmes dynamiques. Le
groupe de « Dynamique théorique » de Théodore Vogel à Marseille
(France), 1948-1964_ (pp. 327-360)

* Liesbeth De Mol and Maarten Bullynck
_Making the History of Computing. The History of Computing in the
History of Technology and the History of Mathematics_ (pp. 361-380)

* _Des mathématiques, des machines et des hommes_ (Review section, pp.

best wishes,

Maarten Bullynck
Département de mathématiques & histoire des sciences & UMR 8533 IDHE.S
Université Paris 8
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