[SIGCIS-Members] minisupercomputers and scientific computing

Alexandre Hocquet alexandre.hocquet at univ-lorraine.fr
Mon Jun 10 13:11:36 PDT 2019

Dear Sigcisers,

We're interested in writing a biography of one software package as a 
history of scientific modeling project and the issue of portability of 
that package to  different kinds of computers in the late eighties is 
attracting our interest.
We're thus interested in literature regarding scientific computing and 
computational science in the transitional era between supercomputing and 
desktop computing, the period of time when such devices as 
minisupercomputers have been designed.
That is why we're also specifically interested in corporations such as 
"Ardent", "Alliant" and above all "Multiflow" and their relationships 
with scientific software companies.
Our question to the list is twofold :
Is there some scientific litterature that would seem relevant to address 
these topics, even indirectly, as a starter ?
Is there a possibility that witnesses that could share their views and 
memories of those times may exist, especially regarding relations with 
scientific computing software companies (and especially if they're 
living on the east coast as we are currently working until the end of 
July on archival material at the Science History Institute in Phladelphia) ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Alexandre Hocquet and Frederic Wieber

Alexandre Hocquet
Archives Henri Poincaré & Science History Institute
Alexandre.Hocquet at univ-lorraine.fr

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