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Dear all,

I’m happy to announce that our new edited volume "Paths into digital society. Computer usage in West Germany. 1955-1990" / "Wege in die Digitale Gesellschaft. Computernutzung in der Bundesrepublik 1955-1990“ was published in German this months. It makes available the results of our research projects on the history of computing in East and West Germany. You’ll find paper on the use of computer technology in German security services (Rüdiger Bergien), military (Janine Funke), pension system (Thomas Kasper), industrial production at Volkswagen (Frank Bösch) hacking (Julia Erdogan) and banking sector (me). Furthermore, we managed to find excellent researchers contributing chapters on such diverse topics as employment in the German IT-industry (Homberg), printing industry (Priemel), chess computers (Heßler) or software for home computers (Albert). The volume fills a big gap in German history of computing. Unfortunately, it is in German only so far. I could help to get in contact with any of the researches if you’re interested in a special topic or help to summarize some basic results in English for you if you want to know more about a special approach.


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