[SIGCIS-Members] Call for volunteers: SIGCIS Internet Infrastructure

Andrew Russell arussell at arussell.org
Thu Sep 6 13:29:26 PDT 2018

Hi everyone - 

SIGCIS is looking for one or more volunteers to help us manage the technologies that support our website and mailing lists.  Tasks are occasional - maintenance, periodic version upgrades, and working with the SIGCIS leadership to ensure that things are working well and meeting the needs of our members.  We know there’s a lot of expertise in our community, so we’re hoping to tap into that.  As you probably know, Brent Jesiek at Purdue has been working wonders in this role for many years.  

Our website runs on the Drupal CMS platform, so it’s essential that volunteer(s) for this role be familiar with Drupal - or be willing to learn.  Familiarity with other tools, including the Mailman listserv application, HTML/CSS, and/or Unix and SQL, also would be handy.

If you have any interest, or know of someone who might, please let me know.  And, feel free to send Brent or me any questions about the specific tools and tasks involved.  

Thank you very much!

Andy Russell
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